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InterRAD allows you to automatically download and loop radar images from Freese-Notis Weather. You must have an account with Freese-Notis Weather before using the program, but instant access and a free trial is available from their home page.

Storm Relative Velocity

Generally shows horizontal velocity in the atmosphere which serves as an early indicator of rotation and the development of severe weather. Generated in precipitation and clear air modes. Radial velocity is the speed of an object toward or away from the radar antenna. Displays negative speed (toward the site) and positive speed (away from the site).

This product is beneficial to all weather-sensitive industries.

Base Reflectivity

High resolution, color images of precipitation and clear air modes. In both modes, 16 levels of reflectivity are available, compared to the six levels from conventional radars. This product helps determine where rain or snow is falling.

Regional Radar Base Reflectivity

High resolution radar composites composed on many radar sites give the user a general view of area affected by precipitation.

Cell Attribute Table

A table of valuable information concerning vital storm mesocyclones. This product is most useful in displaying the highest reflectivities in a storm without searching all of the available elevation angles.

Surface Rainfall Accumulation

Shows how much rain has fallen during the past 1 or 3 hours.Generated whenever precipitation echoes are detected.

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