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InterRAD V4.0 Help.

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Registering my login, username and
password for monthly service:
Phone Number: 1-877-322-7970

Register your InterRAD Software:
Phone Number: 1-515-282-9625

When using the service for the first time, a registration button will appear and count down the number of days left on the free trial period. You can click on this button an any time to register your software. You can obtain the registration number when you call to pay for the software. At that time customer service will give you a registration code that you enter once to register the software. A unique software was developed to work exclusively with InterRAD. It is animated to look like the radar seen on television weather news and shows precipitation movement patterns. The software's "auto loop" feature automatically locates the maps used most often, saving the user time. New images are updated every few minutes.

InterRAD Weather Pro - accesses many more basic weather maps including satellite pictures and local radar with auto access, looping, and auto alarm features.

New Menu Interface

InterRAD Weather Pro is a standalone software browser that has auto access, looping and alarms capabilities (not included in InterRAD Versions 1 and 2). The InterRAD browser can be configured to access current local radar maps, satellite maps, numerous weather maps plus agricultural advisories. There is an easy-to-use menu bar that allows the user access to all the files above each page while the viewer is running. At any time, the browser can loop the selected radar or satellite picture. The viewer can be closed at any time to make room on your computer for other tasks.

The browser can be minimized and will show up in the display window in the bottom right of the Win95 tray as a radar dish icon. The software will continue to access specific files as long as there is access to the Internet. The computer can be used for other things when the program is in this mode.

By setting the alarm feature under the file menu item, the task bar or top viewer bar will flash when severe weather is possible for a selected radar.

Easy Setup Configure Page

The new configure page requires a username and password plus a zip code. The zip code will automatically choose the nearest radar, state and region for the zip code number. There are many additional categories for preselection of particular maps. These categories include links to advisories that are available.
Access to these files may depend upon your password, although most are included freely. Fees for these services are available by contacting us. Tell customer service that you want to subscribe to these pay services with the password that you are going to use to run the InterRAD Weather Pro software.

Choosing InterRAD Radars

Under the SETUP Menu there is a category folder InterRAD which is selected from the SETUP button on the browser. On the left is a list of available local radars in alphabetical order. There is a slide bar to the right allowing you to select the appropriate radar. Select the radar by clicking on its name with the mouse. On the right, under the NIDS Product, select base reflectivity and/or storm precipitation radar file(s). The list of radars selected will appear in the box on the lower right side. The user can deselect a given radar product by double clicking on the radar name or deselect all the radars by pressing on the "clear list" button. When done, the user has the choice to press "Save" and/or "Exit" or go to another category folder to select or deselect information. If you press the "Exit" button, the program will go back to the "SETUP" and "RETRIEVE" menu. The program will start when you select the "RETRIEVE" button or you can press "EXIT" to quit the program.


The category folder "Agriculture", only available in special versions of InterRAD, lists the products available from DTN, including Cash Prices, Comments, and Market News. Under "Miscellaneous" within the "Agriculture" folder, there are links to Agricultural advisories such as Freese-Notis Weather, Allendale and Stewart Peterson. All of these services are premium fee based, consult your


The file category "Forecast" gives the user access to the local forecast, Forecast Surface Map etc. However, this is not available in InterRAD Versions 1 and 2.


The category "Custom" allows the user to set up his/her important links, such as a home page, commodity prices, quotes or charts, etc. To enter a URL, press on the key icon on the right. Type the URL in the box that appears, describe the URL, fill in the username and password if needed, and press the "Save" button. Press the "Exit" button to quit the "Custom" category. The user will be able to access the URL information when the program is running from the menu bar at the top of the viewer.

Software Configuration

This software is designed specifically for Windows `95. It can be used with stand-alone or networked P.C.s. Once you have downloaded and installed the software you will need to go into the setup screen and enter your username and password. If you do not have a username and password, then you cannot access the radar sites. You can get a 14-day trial username and password by calling. You will also need to input whether or not you are accessing the service through a firewall. (This is very important so that the software can adjust to a setup which will work from behind the firewall.)

Windows NT

Technically, Freese-Notis does not support InterRAD for Windows NT operating systems. However, we do have several clients successfully accessing InterRAD through Windows NT 3.51 and 4.0. If you or your IS department have a sound understanding of the NT operating system, then there is a good chance you can make this work through experimentation.
In order to configure the Imaging Controls to run InterRAD under Windows NT, please follow these steps:

  • Got to Control Panel
  • Click add/remove
  • Window NT Setup
  • Accessories
  • Details
  • Imaging - uncheck the box
  • Check OK - This removes Imaging
  • Recheck OK
  • NT asks for the CD
  • Insert CD and reload Imaging


InterRAD Weather Pro is capable of working behind a firewall. We have included this as part of the setup. If you have questions about accessing our radar sites through your firewall, please contact our Network Operations Center

Imaging for Windows

If you do not have Win95 OSR2 (version 950B) then you need to download and install Eastman Software Imaging for Windows. This piece of software is a standard component of Windows 95 version B release. If you have version A, then you will want to download this software

Registration Process

As a customer courtesy, we provide a 14-day free trial period to allow you the opportunity to review the software's capabilities. After the 14-day period, or anytime during this period, if you choose to register the software you can do so by calling (between 7AM and 5PM CT) to get your software registration key.

Error Messages

Due to the complicated nature of the Internet and the type of service that we provide, a lot of things have to go right for you to be able to successfully access our radar images. For example, our service is designed to work as a live connection. In other words, you must stay connected to the Internet for as long as you want to utilize the service. If you begin receiving the error message "path not found", or have any type of problems with your DNS, then the problem is locally within your machine's settings, or between your connection and your local ISP's link to the Internet. If you find that you are receiving very specific error messages, then you may want to contact us or via email to Harvey Freese in order to help you correct these problems.

Runtime Errors

Runtime errors are very specific errors that are caused by incorrect software settings, missing files, or corrupted data. If you receive a runtime error, please contact Network Operations or send an email to Harvey Freese

Thank you from all of us at
Freese-Notis for buying InterRAD!

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